More Than 70 PULSE-Lines sold


At the ASYS Group Technology Days PULSE can present a new success message. More than 70 lines of the industry 4.0 solution were sold.

KATINKA EBERL, 28TH OF MAY 2018, 14:13

More Than 60 PULSE-Lines sold and installed


The success of the PULSE solution from ASYS shows no signs of slowing down: over 50 PULSE lines have already been installed for customers. The greatest share of sales has been in Europe, with more than half of the lines in Germany alone.


More Than 50 PULSE-Lines sold and installed


The PULSE-application Alerts&Info for smart watches and tablets is sold and installed  more than 50 times. It is THE „Industrie 4.0“ solution that has already been used successfully by customers, worldwide and across traditional sector boundaries.

Tatjana Hofmann, 29TH OF DECEMBER 2017, 17:26

Assign responsibilities with ASYS “User2Machine” App


The ASYS Group presented the new PULSE application “User2Machine” at this year’s Productronica for the first time. The app helps the production manager to assign responsibilities to machine operators.


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Tatjana Hofmann, 02. November 2017, 10:23

Inspection via PULSE: Saki becomes member of the PULSE-Community


Since September 2017 the ASYS Group could welcome a new member in the PULSE Community: SAKI, manufacturer of automated optical inspection systems, networked its machines thanks to the open interface to PULSE.


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Tatjana Hofmann, 09. October 2017, 15:43

PULSE conquers Katek: Three lines with installed smartwatch and tablet monitoring


PULSE is on course for success – more than 40 lines with PULSE have been sold already. Three PULSE lines have been installed at Katek since May 2017. The Bavarian electronics service provider recognized the benefits of PULSE early on and therefore opted for the solution from the start.


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 Wolfgang Heyder, Sales Engineer at ASYS, and Georg Fahringer, Technical Officer at Katek (from left to right)

Tatjana Hofmann, 8th of May 2017, 08:38

More than 26 PULSE-Lines sold and installed


ASYS has sold and installed more than 26 PULSE-Lines. “We are proud, that we have an Industry 4.0 solution, that is already installed successfully at our customers, worldwide and cross industry borders”, says Herbert Natterer, Product Manager Software Solutions at the ASYS Group.




Herbert Natterer, Product Manager PULSE, Alexander Strehl, Application Engineer Handling, Oleksiy Vasylyev, Software Development, Marc Leyrer, Application Engineer Handling, Benjamin Mittmann, Software Development, Pouya Saadatmanesh, Application Engineer PULSE, Katinka Eberl, Vice Unit Director Marketing/CI, Jürgen Lehner, Product Manager Handling (from left to right)

Tatjana Hofmann, 27th of March 2017, 10:25

ASYS Welcomes SMT Wertheim to the PULSE Community


The PULSE Community brings together all equipment manufacturers of the electronic industry, which products are “PULSE ready”. At the moment the community is still growing: the machines of SMT are now integrated, too.


Katinka Eberl, 1ST OF DECEMBER 2016, 15:06

New PULSE-Smartwatch: Up to 16h Battery Life


ASYS introduces new smartwatches. The devices even persevere in two-shift operation. They have to be recharged only after 16 hours. *


PULSE displays alerts and tasks thus the operator is always informed and can feel secure that he has successfully fulfilled his duties. Stress in day-to-day-production can be reduced significantly. The line operator always knows his further tasks and is informed timely and unambiguously. With the extended battery life ASYS is again one step ahead reducing stress.



*Results of a reference customer that has tested the smartwatch in production.




Katinka Eberl, 24TH OF NOVEMBER 2016, 11:12

Technology Days 2016: PULSE Connects


PULSE was a central topic of the ASYS Group Technology Days 2016. Among transport robots, collaborative robots and augmented reality glasses the PULSE solution represented the connecting unit. All notifications of the approx. 1000 square meter machine exhibition were displayed on PULSE. Several smartwatches and tablets were used. Visitors were able to experience and test PULSE directly.


Katinka Eberl, 27ND of OCTOBER 2016, 13:00

PULSE-Line with Fuji Pick&Place Machine at Katek


Katek is committed to ensure an even more efficient production and provide optimum support for the user. Therefore, the Grassau based service provider for electronic manufacturing uses PULSE since December 2015. Equipped with tablet and smartwatch the employees are able to keep an eye on the production continuously. Line stops could be reduced significantly.


The PULSE-Member Fuji is integrated at Katek. Fuji has installed three scalable pick&place platforms. The NXT III machine sends live data to the smart PULSE devices and supplements the task list with important information for the operator.


Katinka Eberl, 12ND of OCTOBER 2016, 12:02

Hello Viscom SPI!


We are pleased, that Viscom not only connected its AOI but also its 3D solder paste inspection to PULSE. The solution will be presented for the first time at the ASYS Group Technology Days in November.


Viscom inspection systems supply applicable data to the EKRA printers to improve the process automatically. Complemented by a VEGO buffer, the material flow can be regulated and OK PCBs can be fed into the line as needed. The fact that Viscom is now also connecting solder paste inspection (SPI) to PULSE alongside the AOI systems is a further indication of excellent collaboration on the way to the smart factory.



Belma Gül, 22nd of September 2016, 14:43

Software, Handling and Design


The success of the ASYS Group is based on handling systems. Machines from the starting times are still in use. Much has happened since then. Traditional handling tasks such as transport have been developed further. ASYS now uses transport robots, such as the UNITR, to load or unload a production island with material.


Handling modules are the base and connecting links of a production. Therefore the handling area was the cornerstone for the development of cross-line applications for smart devices. From the synergies with Software and Marketing/Design department the applications for smartwatches and tablets could be developed further. They can be now found in the current PULSE Portfolio.



Learn more by reading the "ASYS Group Technology Days" invitation on page 28/29!


Katinka Eberl


The PULSE-Team: Jürgen Lehner, Productmanager Handling, Katinka Eberl, Interactionsdesign Marketing/CI, Herbert Natterer Productmanager Software Solutions

(from left to right)




Katinka Eberl, 21st of September 2016, 16:15

What the PULSE-Members Say


"Our cleaning systems are moving right next to the line", Bert Schopmans, Sales and Application Manager at Kolb in Germany, says.

By using PULSE, Kolb has experienced that physical distance no longer plays a role. The operator gets a message on his or her tasklist and can fetch the stencil whenever the task fits best into his or her workflow.


On the occasion of the ASYS Group Technology Days our members speak about the PULSE project. Kolb, Viscom, Fuji, Parmi and Rehm report on their experiences.


Learn more by reading the "ASYS Group Technology Days" invitation on page 24/25!


Katinka Eberl, 12TH of JULY 2016, 10:35

PULSE at Intersolar and Automatica Munich


Again the leading trade fairs for industrial automation & mechatronics and the leading fair for the solar industry & its partners  took place at the same time in Munich. On both exhibitions ASYS presented not only machines but also the PULSEONE software with smartwatch and tablet on both exhibitions.


At Automatica an autonomous transport robot loaded the tray buffer system. Wolfgang Müller, Senior Vice President Project Engineering & Services, showed Jürgen Lehner, Product Manager Handling, that he is at least as strong as the roboter.

Katinka Eberl, 7TH of JUNE 2016, 16:06

PULSE at SNEC Shanghai


PULSE generated a lively response from our solar customers at SNEC 2016. A printing line and a Botest test system were connected to PULSE. The tablet and smartwatch showed live data such as line warnings and test results.

Katinka Eberl, 3RD of JUNE 2016, 15:38

PULSE Goes Solar


At this year's solar shows we will present the award-winning PULSE solution for our solar machines. Thanks to PULSE, the most important tasks for the operator are available directly on a smartwatch. A tablet interface shows the whole line and offers different functions, such as support information, machine specific documents or remote control of handling systems.


Meet us at SNEC Shanghai, Intersolar Munich and Intersolar San Francisco!

BELMA GÜL, 22ND of MAY 2016, 17:01

ASYS Group Honored for Industry 4.0 Commitment


ASYS was honored as one of the "100 Places for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Wuerttemberg." As such, ASYS belongs to the most innovative companies that generate groundbreaking impulses for production of the future.

Katinka Eberl, 12TH of MAY 2016, 15:38

Welcome Fuji!


ASYS has already created a dense network of partners in the electronics industry with the PULSE software solution. An entire production line can be linked to PULSE. This is only possible because renowned manufacturers collaborate in the PULSE network. Since April 2016, Fuji is now also an official member of the PULSE community.


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BELMA GÜL, 17TH of MAY 2016, 14:23

PULSE UNITR – Autonomous Helper in Production


For flexible and adaptable production in the future, ASYS uses autonomous transport robots in production already today. Connected to the ASYS PULSE software solution, a robot (PULSE UNITR) continuously supplies material to the production line.


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Katinka Eberl, 9TH of MAY 2016, 11:13

The PULSE Community


PULSE is a leading solution for networking machines and supporting production systems. ASYS is working on partnership concepts that make the technology even more interesting for the customer. The goal is to operate machines produced by different manufacturers with one software only. Since April 2016, Fuji is now an official member of the PULSE community. The network continues to grow. Become a member of PULSE now and optimize your production to a smart factory.


BELMA GÜL, 05TH of APRIL 2016, 09:59

Member of the “SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V.”


The ASYS Group recently joined the Industry 4.0 initiative “SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V.” The association develops and tests Industry 4.0-capable solutions for SMEs under real production conditions.

Katinka Eberl, 07TH of MARCH  2016, 11:01

Keep the Line Running!


ASYS’ vision is “really smart” production, self-organized manufacturing with human support in core tasks. With the PULSEONE software solution, ASYS introduces mobile devices and transport robots into the production environment, which makes them a pioneer in the industry. A user working with PULSE responds faster and minimizes downtimes. First customer evaluations show significant reduction in machine stops due to “Alerts&Info” app and smartwatch and/or tablet as used devices.

BELMA GÜL, 7TH of DECEMBER 2015, 15:30

PULSE Wins Productronica Innovation Award


The ASYS PULSE software solution was honored with the “Productronica Innovation Award” as the best future-oriented product innovation in the category of “Future Markets Cluster.” PULSE makes it possible to monitor a complete SMD production line from a tablet and smartwatch, controlling all handling modules. Linking with autonomous transport robots enables self-organizing material logistics. PULSE is unique in the industry and is considered to be groundbreaking.


Wolfgang Müller, Senior Vice President Project Engineering & Services, and Jürgen Lehner, Produktmanager Handling (from left to right)




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