SERIO 4000 Back to Back


The SERIO 4000 Back to Back printing system is pointing the way, when there is a demand for floor-space. Due to its small footprint and smart design, the printer can be used in production in a very space-saving manner, having achieved the utmost of space-utilisation.

As additional advantage, two printing systems can be installed „back-to-back“ and work simultaneously. This not only ensures a flexible and spacesaving layout design, but also a significantly higher throughput rate.







  • Alignment repeatability ± 12,5 μm @ 6 Sigma
  • Print repeatability ± 25 μm @ 6 Sigma, upgradeable to ± 20µm@6Sigma (optional)
  • EVA™ – EKRA Vision Alignment System
  • Cycle time 11/ 9 / 7s + print (depending on options)
  • Program changeover < 2 min
  • QUESS squeegee quick-exchange system and the closed loop print head
  • Simple operation thanks to SIMPLEX user interface







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